Solar for
Better Living

We want to inspire people to make a
positive impact on the planet.

Our commitment to providing premium solar solutions goes hand
in hand with our dedication to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle,
that not only power your home efficiently, cut the bills, but also
help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Products

Harmonious Look

Enhance your home’s appeal with Ultra-Black
solar panels, seamlessly blending
sustainable power and elegant design

"Electrolux's innovative solar panels not only redefine sustainability in home appliances but also mark a significant step towards a greener future. Their commitment to harnessing solar energy to power our homes is commendable and sets a benchmark for eco-friendly solutions worldwide. We are proud to endorse Electrolux's solar panels as a pivotal move towards reducing carbon footprints and fostering environmental stewardship."

Patric Lindberg
CEO Takkraft AB


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